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Breaking the Rules and Moving to Buenos Aires


For reasons I will never be able to explain, years ago I became completely infatuated with Buenos Aires, Argentina. Perhaps it was the sensual allure of tango dancing, the spirit of zealous fútbol aficionados, or the Latin American lifestyle, but the idea of studying Spanish and working in Buenos Aires just has not left me alone. I have been offered several jobs here in the states, all of which I have turned down in the event I ever decided to leave the country. I knew that this goal would not leave me alone until I just did it.

So, at long last, I have surrendered to my passion: I leave October 10 for Buenos Aires, despite the many challenges I have had to overcome before making plans to do so.

The lesson I have learned: pursuing your dreams is a lot easier than struggling to deny them.

As soon as I began focusing my attention on my plan, everything fell into place. I told the whole world what I wanted as often as I could, which put my in contact with a photographer, play director, jewelry maker, multiple entrepreneurs, consulate employee, physicians, English teachers, dance studio owner, humanitarian rights non-profit director … and the list carries on. More and more I believe in the six degrees of separation.

The biggest hurdle: learning how to live abroad with an autoimmune disorder. At 17, I was diagnosed with arthritis. Yes, I am only 23 now, even though the word arthritis is most commonly associated with old people (surprisingly, most cases of genetic arthritis are early onset).

I, therefore, have to be regularly monitored by a rheumatologist and must have access to my medication, Humira, which is so expensive my insurance won’t even provide me an advance supply. I did not let this defeat me. I just came up with a more creative, back door solution for gaining accessing to what I need.

When in pursuit of a dream, it is most important to continually visual yourself achieving the results you want, and also to spread the word about your idea. Generating a community of people who support your goal not only creates accountability but also puts you in touch with important resources. So if you’re planning on living in Buenos Aires, let’s talk!


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Start By Finding Your Strengths

Marcus Buckingham

Too many times we concentrate on improving what we are bad at instead of maximizing our natural skill sets. In college, for example, if you receive a D in calculus, it means you must study harder for that class series, forgetting that you scored an A+ in art history. I, personally, can’t hit a baseball to save my life, and can only add, subtract, multiply, and divide. I can, however, pick up new languages in a matter of weeks, and take colorful, exciting photographs.

After college, when there isn’t a grading system, how do we uncover our strengths and weaknesses? Join career coach Marcus Buckingham in this free online course, sponsored by, to ascertain your true passions and talents.

Click here to start now!

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Welcome to the Real World!

After I graduated from college in June 2008, I was self-diagnosed with post magna cum laude chronic disillusionment. I was a 3.8 GPA student whose golden honors cords were cutting off blood flow to the brain and, therefore, making me blind to so called “reality.” This reality came to be known as The Real World, a grown up term for the following:

Working 8 to 5 in a job you hate, paying bills, getting married, then paying part of your spouse’s bills (in addition to your own bills), having children, then paying part of your bills, their bills, and your spouse’s bills all the while feeling miserable at your cubicle, but somewhat honored because you are fulfilling everyone else’s goal for your life: to be successful!

You may be a paper-pusher at the top marketing firm of your town, but at least you have an esteemed job title. Trust me, everyone LOVES to ask what you are doing after you graduate, and sometimes it just feels better to have an answer that makes you sound good.

Before I entered The Real World, I was within the top ranks of my class, grade point average speaking. When I was done with school, however, part of my identity was wiped away; there no longer was a numerical system by which to judge my achievements. But in my state of enchantment, I knew that out there, beyond the doors of classrooms, I had a grand purpose to fulfill. That’s what they promised me. I could change the world; I could make a difference; I could accomplish every goal I had imagined since the time I was young.

Only problem: when I was young, I wanted to be a Sea World whale trainer, and now my views on animal rights have changed. Additionally, our economy is, “plunging into a deep recession,” as my mom puts it. So, Sea World probably isn’t hiring anyway. Now what?

This blog will chronicle the often times silly and unimpressive non-achievements of my after-college life.

My mission: to prove that life in The Real World does not have to be miserable by helping you find your way through my failures.

It will include:

1. Chronicles about my Real World adventures.
2. How to manage Real World tasks such as building credit, negotiating car insurance, and saving money.
3. Ways to determine what you really want to be doing with your life rather than what you should be doing.
4. Advice about living and working abroad.
5. A feature about “What It’s Like” where I try out different jobs for a day and let you know, well, what they’re like (feel free to make suggestions on what jobs you would like to see me try out).

I may even try to make you laugh at my expense, which I hope doesn’t cost too much because I am still broke.

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